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Property Cleaning with Pressure Washing in Vancouver

Is your home or commercial property looking run down, because of dirt and stains which are difficult to clean? Regular cleaning with pressure washing services in Vancouver will ensure that your place looks clean and polished, giving it a fresh and inviting appeal.

At NC Maintenance, our trained team knows how to handle diverse concrete cleaning Vancouver jobs, for both residential and commercial buildings and properties, using the right amount of pressure and the appropriate cleaning agents, to remove dirt buildup and staining, without damaging the surfaces.

Improving the overall appearance of your home, for your own enjoyment, or to prepare it for sale, we will clean it thoroughly and make it look new again with our affordable, professional services.

NC Maintenance Washing Services

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Complete Surface Cleaning for Residential Properties

Unattractive surface discoloration can be the result of moss or algae build-up, acidic stains, tire marks, or rust. All of these can be cleaned with pressure washing services, to restore the appearance and charm of your home.

Concrete floors, tile patios, walkways, and driveways can all be cleaned perfectly, using our advanced pressure washing equipment and environmentally-friendly concrete cleaning Vancouver products.

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Commercial Pressure Washing in Langley

For commercial properties, tough stains often occur because of the machinery used, and the business activities, as well as external environmental factors. Let our trained team and modern equipment bring back the professional polish to your business. Storefronts, awnings, roofs, signage, pathways, and parking lots; they can all be brought back to a like-new appearance with commercial pressure washing in Vancouver.

Low Pressure Washing in Langley for Homes and Businesses

Worried about your dirty vinyl or wood siding, or painted surfaces? Some surfaces do need to be treated with more care, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be effectively cleaned without damage. We offer low pressure power washing services, and our expert team ensures that no damage occurs while your premises are being professionally cleaned.

Customized Pressure Washing and Cleaning Services

We customize our services to serve our clients’ diverse needs for complete property cleaning and pressure washing in Langley. Contact us today to give your property a fresh, clean look.

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