Window Cleaning

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Make Your Home Shine with Window Cleaning Services in Vancouver

Don’t have the time to clean the windows in your home of office? Window cleaning is a big job and one that requires the right tools and techniques. Let us take care of the job with our professional window cleaning in Vancouver. Our trained team will clean the windows in your home or commercial space, inside and out, to restore their shine and make them sparkle.

With our complete window cleaning services, you will clearly see the difference in your freshly washed windows!

Experienced Team Giving a Crystal Clear Shine to Your Windows

Whether you need hand cleaning of your interior windows, or professional equipment to clean the windows on your highrise building, with NC Maintenance, you can be sure you will get a crystal clear shine to your windows. We take equal care cleaning the inside, as well as the outside of your windows.

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Commercial Window Cleaning in Vancouver

For commercial properties, professional window cleaning helps to maintain a fresh, clean, and inviting environment to welcome your clients and customers. Even for hard-to-reach windows and skylights on commercial buildings, our experienced team has the right tools, equipment, and expertise to provide superior quality window cleaning services.

Types of Properties We Serve


We don’t just cater to homes and offices with our window cleaning services, we have the experience of serving a wide range of properties. These include apartment buildings, shopping centres, banks, hotels, schools, clinics, hospitals, churches, restaurants, government buildings, and more.

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